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It’s a Gold Medal for That Deadly Space! Heartfelt thanks to the Military Writers Society of America for their selection of my Civil War novel for their Gold Medal award. I am grateful to MWSA for their selection of my book for this prestigious award. You might notice a second Gold Medal in the picture. The first was awarded in 2011 for my historical novel Shall Never See So Much. I’m deeply honored to be a two-time recipient. I might add that Michael Phelps, with his 23 Olympic Gold Medals, has little to worry about.



Paige's Laws cover imageIn my latest novel Dare Not Blink, main character Dave Paige keeps a handwritten journal for recording his periodic musings on business situations and business people. Paige is of the energetic, results-driven sort, so he’s usually racing headlong toward some tangible objective. His life seems centered around solving one problem and then quickly moving on to the next. Occasionally, however, the insightful Paige is given to bouts of thoughtfulness and contemplation while in the quiet, after-hours solitude of his office, or in that trancelike state one can easily slip into in the cabin of a commercial airliner.

Thus, when he feels so inclined, he reaches for his Paige’s Laws of Business to chronicle his observations, lessons learned, and unwavering leadership and ethical principles.

Some of my early readers of Dare Not Blink commented on how much these pithy notations from Paige had added to the novel. My publisher, Navigator Books, also saw the potential to excerpt Paige’s Laws into an eBook format. In all honesty, my main purpose in creating the scenes where Paige recorded his thoughts was simply to develop Dave Paige as a character. It must have worked because now it seems Paige is offering something in return. For me, Paige’s Laws of Business is a way to introduce myself and to extend the awareness of my latest novel to prospective readers, as well as offering a gift of thanks to my existing readers; for you, it’s a free eBook that I hope you can find value in reading and sharing with others.

Simply click on the book’s image nearby and then follow the link to download your own free eBook. I’d enjoy hearing from you about this or any of my other books, so feel free to drop me a line on this website.

And if you do find value in Paige’s Laws of Business, thank Dave Paige.

I certainly did.


Huh? A Business Thriller?

September 11, 2012

Have you ever read a thriller about the business world? The what, you say? The business world? Really? Somebody’s done that?

As Thomas Magnum, Private Investigator, so famously observed, “I know what you’re thinking.”

There is no such genre, right? A business thriller? Who in the world would write such a thing?

Well, as Todd Rundgren so famously crooned, “Hello, It’s Me.”

My new novel Dare Not Blink (Navigator Books) is currently scheduled for release in November. It’s a story about an Atlanta-based company who suddenly finds itself in the midst of a vicious internal struggle after the sudden death of its beloved founder and majority owner. For those who have been a part of the rough-and-tumble of corporate America you will find much that is recognizable—from the strengths and flaws of the characters to the cutthroat maneuvering of some of the top executive operators. It’s a fast-paced read with plenty of twists and turns, and the reviews from beta readers (including a CEO) have been excellent. I’m really looking forward to its release into the marketplace.

In the next few weeks we’ll be finalizing the cover and getting everything in place for publication. I’ll give you an early peek at it soon.


So yes, there is such a thing as a business thriller. And I’ve written one. By golly.

As the proper English gentleman (and Magnum antagonist) Jonathan Quail Higgins so famously uttered, “Quite.”