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It’s a Gold Medal for That Deadly Space! Heartfelt thanks to the Military Writers Society of America for their selection of my Civil War novel for their Gold Medal award. I am grateful to MWSA for their selection of my book for this prestigious award. You might notice a second Gold Medal in the picture. The first was awarded in 2011 for my historical novel Shall Never See So Much. I’m deeply honored to be a two-time recipient. I might add that Michael Phelps, with his 23 Olympic Gold Medals, has little to worry about.



Last Thursday, February 27, 2014, I had an author interview on The Kevin Zimmerman Show on the Authors First Radio Network.

A recording of the interview can be heard at this link


Kevin Zimmerman

Kevin and I talked about my novels Dare Not Blink and Shall Never See So Much, and we also spoke of the splendid men and women in our U.S. Armed Forces. Kevin’s listening audience is heavily represented by military personnel, and it was a special honor to be able to tell our service members how much I appreciate what they are doing. It’s obvious that the members of the military hold a special place in Kevin’s heart, as they do mine, and it was worthwhile to be able to tell them so.

Kevin is not only an excellent interviewer and host, he is also a retired soldier and American hero in his own right. He is a two-time recipient of the Soldier’s Medal, the highest award given by Congress for an act of bravery while our nation is not in declared war. Recently, his book A Time For Everything; The Kevin Zimmerman Story, Second edition became a permanent part of American history by being accepted into the library and archives of the Smithsonian Institute’s National Museum of African-American History and Culture. In June 2012, the book became a permanent part of U.S. military history by being accepted into the archives of the U.S. Army Medical Department Museum.

Not only am I pleased to have been a guest on Kevin’s show, but I’m especially grateful that I can now claim him as a friend.

My thanks also to friend and fellow author Doug Dahlgren, whose The Son series has been well received, for connecting Kevin and myself.