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That Deadly Space, my new historical novel concerning the Civil War, is now available in paperback and Kindle with this Amazon link.

Below is a brief description of That Deadly Space:

The Civil War has begun in earnest. Conor Rafferty joins the Confederate army as a young infantry officer against the wishes of his father who, in his Irish anger, is adamantly opposed to a war with the North. Conor soon finds himself in many of the war’s most consequential battles, leading from the front and risking all inside that deadly space. He serves with distinction in General Robert E. Lee’s celebrated Army of Northern Virginia as it seeks the crowning victory that will end the war and stop the carnage. Along the way, Conor becomes a protégé of fellow Georgian John B. Gordon who eventually rises to command a Confederate army corps. At the conclusion of each chapter, the narrative transitions to the now aged Conor who answers the probing questions of his grandson Aaron, himself a captain in the U.S. Army and scheduled for duty in Europe during World War I. The grandfather and grandson thus spend a week together—a week of sharing, learning, and bonding. That Deadly Space is a compelling tale that portrays the drama, heroism, romance, and tragedy of the Civil War.

For the Civil War aficionados among you, you may recognize the Don Troiani cover. I was delighted to be able to use it with this novel.

For those of you who are intent upon purchasing That Deadly Space, I say thank you. And for those who have supported me in the past with my other novels, a heartfelt thank you, as well. As always, book reviews posted on Amazon are always appreciated by authors, this one included.

Good reading!




I’ve been contemplating a new book idea. In my most recent novel Dare Not Blink, the protagonist Dave Paige is a young business executive who by and large behaves ethically and honorably, even when he’s faced with a nasty power struggle within his own firm. Paige isn’t perfect by any means, but he does understand that there is a relationship between integrity and trustworthiness, and he attaches great worth to that relationship. His colleagues can count on Paige to do the right thing, even when others around him are playing by looser, more accommodating rules, if indeed they play by any rules at all.

So, for my new book I’m considering a sequel to Dare Not Blink and having my guy Dave Paige run for public office. Wouldn’t it be a refreshing change to have someone elected to high office who tells the unvarnished truth and is thereby trusted by the American public for doing so? Even if it’s fiction?

Considering what we currently have in our elected officials, values like integrity and trustworthiness are largely fictitious anyway. So why not have my already larger-than-life fictional character come to the rescue of an entire nation which now places precious little of its abiding trust in government. Who knows? The new book might even become a blockbuster bestseller.

So, instead of Paige’s Laws of Business we could now have Paige’s Tenets of Good Governance (or some such). Here might be a few of his entries:

  • I will not lead from the rear. As a matter of practical fact, it can’t be done anyway.
  • Liars will be summarily terminated from my administration. My own lying will be an impeachable offense. Throughout government, I will smoke out those of low integrity and boot them to the curb.
  • I will not make vague threats about “consequences” and then do nothing.
  • I will direct and then ensure that the politicization of any federal agency resulting in the unwarranted harassment of any American citizen will result in the immediate transfer of the agency head (and any accomplices) to the Bureau of Prisons to await trail and the booking of a room therein.
  • I am a businessman and as such I will create jobs and get Americans back to work again.
  • I will balance the federal budget and keep it balanced throughout my term.
  • I will represent all Americans.
  • I will remind the world of what President John F. Kennedy said, “On the presidential coat of arms, the American eagle holds in his right talon the olive branch, while in his left he holds a bundle of arrows. We intend to give equal attention to both.”
  • I will give equal attention to both.

Man, I do love fiction.