Dare Not Blink

dare-not-blinkFrom posted reviews on Amazon.com:

“The end leaves you smiling with a ‘That’s what I’m talking about!’ feeling.”
“One outstanding novel, one solid and strong character and author who kept this reviewer glued to the printed page.”
“From the moment I picked it up, it caught my attention in an all too familiar world.”

The fight’s on, and a hard, bitter fight it will be. The founder and top executive has died, and there is a sudden leadership vacuum.

Corporate America can often be a tough, unforgiving place, to be sure. As with any profession, business is not without its share of charlatans and rascals. But it’s also a place filled with good people, men and women of good faith, high ethics, and solid integrity.

Dave Paige is one of those good people. Paige is a rising young star, a protégé of that late founder, Langdon Elerbee. While Paige is scheduled to become Executive Vice President in the near future, he soon discovers that President and CEO Jeff Wylie and his understudy Jim Ogden have their own blueprint for gaining full control of the firm. It also becomes apparent that the imperious Wylie has few if any plans for Paige’s continuation. Paige grimly vows that he will somehow find a way to wrest control of the firm from the Wylie/Ogden cabal which he considers contemptible and incompetent.

The underdog Paige faces an uphill battle. His ruthless adversaries will stop at nothing to gain the control they so desperately desire.

Can Dave Paige stop them?

DARE NOT BLINK is an award-winning story of devotion and loyalty, not merely to a specific organization but to the people and the ideals that comprise it. While the story takes place in the rough-and-tumble of corporate America, the high personal and professional values are timeless to any endeavor.

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