Shall Never See So Much

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“Gillis tells a great story of the troubling time that captures your attention and does not let you down.”
“The author is a skilled writer who seamlessly blends two stories into one without disruption of one or the other.”
“Gerald Gillis is a writer of exceptional promise, and this is a book well worth the price.”

The year is 1968. The war in Vietnam has been altered by the events of the cataclysmic Tet Offensive. Communist forces have struck at cities and military installations throughout the entirety of South Vietnam, and a particularly vicious battle emerges in the streets and buildings of Hue. Lieutenant Tom Flanagan, U.S. Marine Corps, finds himself in some of the heaviest fighting of the war as he and his fellow Marines battle the enemy in the jungles, streets, and rice paddies of Vietnam.

On the U.S. domestic front, the anti-war movement is growing more vocal and influential as large-scale demonstrations and campus disruptions are being routinely seen on the nightly newscasts. President Lyndon Johnson is being challenged from within his own party by anti-war Senators Eugene McCarthy and Robert Kennedy. In Washington, D.C., Tom Flanagan’s sister, Kate, with whom he has deep differences over the political landscape in general and the war specifically, decides to join the staff of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy as RFK’s campaign for the presidency begins to formulate.

SHALL NEVER SEE SO MUCH is a novel of heroism, triumph, and tragedy. It is the story of a brother and sister who are passionate in their beliefs and determined each in their own way to find their place in the changing America of their time.

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